Certified Accounting Analyst

Become a Certified Accounting Analyst

The Certified Accounting Analyst (CAA) license enables you to place "CAA" behind your name and communicate your accounting analysis knowledge, skill, experience, and ethics to employers or clients. The license distinguishes you from your competition, builds credibility, validates knowledge, demonstrates skill, verifies experience, and confirms professional ethics. The license is included in our Certified Accounting Analysis Career Program and required for the Accounting Analysis Network.


Accounting analysts obtain the license by completing the required Certified Accounting Analyst license courses, certifications, and experience, and agreeing to abide by the CAA Professional Code of Conduct.


Each course may be substituted by an approved equivalent accredited course. Upon approval, the course is waived but you must pass the exam.


The Certified Accounting Analyst license is accredited by Accounting Analytics Business School. The school is a registered online Postsecondary Proprietary School providing postsecondary education.

Certified Accounting Analyst Requirements



Application and Annual Renewal Forms

Application and Renewal Fees


The license expires the last day of the year (December 31). If you obtain the license in the fourth quarter (October - December), your expiration date is the last day of the following year.