Payroll Certification

Payroll Certification Program

The Payroll Certification assures employers or clients of your payroll knowledge and skill. The certification distinguishes you from your competition, builds credibility, validates knowledge, and demonstrates skill. The certification is required for the Certified Payroll Specialist license, Payroll Career Program, and Payroll Business Network.

Payroll Certification Requirements

You obtain Payroll Certification by completing the Payroll Fundamentals course and passing the Payroll Certification exam. The program includes the course and exam.


The course may be substituted by an equivalent accredited course approved by Accounting Analytics. Upon approval, the course is waived but you must pass the exam.

Payroll Certification Accreditation

The Payroll Certification is accredited by Accounting Analytics Business School. The school is a registered online Postsecondary Proprietary School providing postsecondary education for employees and individuals.

Payroll Certification Program

Program Subjects

Program Materials

Program Steps

Program Fee


If you are not satisfied with the program within 14 days, the fee will be refunded.